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Skin stretch marks occur as a result of rapid skin stretching and are generally seen during pregnancy, adolescence and intense bodybuilding workouts. This occurs when the skin loses its elasticity and cannot keep up with the rate of stretching, resulting in micro tears in the lower skin layer. Pregnancy and rapid weight changes during the bodybuilding process are the most common reasons for such stretch marks. Unfortunately, although there may be some improvement as inflammation decreases, this separation of the skin is often permanent.


One of the most effective methods for treating skin stretch marks is the use of fractional carbon dioxide laser. Although other methods such as dermapen, plasmapen, and dermoroller are tried to create controlled damage, laser treatment is much more effective than these methods. Laser makes the treatment process more efficient by creating microtraumas that can act deep into the tissue without bleeding.

In response to these microtraumas, the body sends out defensive cells and fibroblasts to repair the damaged area. With the collagen synthesis of fibroblasts, areas that have cracked and lost tissue are restructured. Increasing collagen causes the cracks to narrow and the two edges of the crack to come closer together. Although the treatment does not make the scars disappear completely, it reduces the scars in the form of lines to a tolerable level.


Laser treatment of skin stretch marks is a procedure performed in sessions, and each session is usually planned for 3-4 weeks. The treatment is so practical that it can be performed even during short periods such as a lunch break. Before treating very deep cracks, a comfortable treatment process is provided by applying local anesthesia to the area. After anesthesia, laser treatment is applied and the duration of the procedure varies depending on the prevalence of the cracks. After the treatment, patients can return to their normal lives and take a bath right away.

Visible improvements occur in the skin after laser treatment. Even after two sessions, a significant reduction in stretch marks and an improvement in the general appearance of the skin is observed. Although the scars do not completely disappear, they become less noticeable and tolerable.