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Pregnancy Exam


Pregnancy is a very important period in which different examinations are carried out in each period from the beginning to the end, and the health of the baby as well as the health of the mother is monitored. It is recommended that all women have at least one check-up before getting pregnant. Apart from this, expectant mothers who realize that they are pregnant should consult a doctor as soon as possible to start pregnancy follow-up. Our unit is called at specified times for various tests such as examination, 4-dimensional ultrasonography, double test, nuchal translucency measurement, triple test, quadruple test, Doppler USG and NST. In addition, pregnant women are given training by specially trained nurses under the supervision of a doctor on certain days and hours.


When you come for examination, do not forget to bring all your previous tests and your pregnancy follow-up form, if any, with your file. Come to our clinic on the date and time of your examination appointment, inform our secretary about your appointment, and proceed to the waiting room. You will be called when it is your turn for examination.

You should be able to feel comfortable with your doctor, be able to explain your problems clearly, be able to enlighten you with the answers to your questions, and be able to help you as much as he can to make you comfortable during the examination. You will find all these features you are looking for in our clinic.

The most important decision a woman makes when she learns that she is expecting a baby is to choose the doctor who will support her during pregnancy and birth. Dr. Eser AĞAR, who serves in his office in Silivri, follows the condition of the mother and the baby from the beginning of pregnancy until after birth.

Dr. Lecturer Eser Ağar Women’s Health Unit was opened. For an appointment, you can contact us at 0 212 728 63 61.