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HPV infection may also show symptoms in the form of warts in the anal area. The virus in genital fluids can infect the cracks around the anus and cause warts in this area and even inside the anus. Small cracks and irritations that occur during anal intercourse provide a suitable environment for the transmission of the virus. Such lesions are especially common in homosexual men. However, the presence of warts in the anus is not evidence that the person has had anal intercourse. Anal fissures caused by long-term constipation may also provide a suitable basis for the transmission of the virus.

The HPV virus may not show symptoms immediately after infecting the cracks in the anal area. 1 to 6 months after infection, white or gray, stalked or cauliflower-shaped swellings appear in and around the anus. These warts can cause itching, bleeding, discharge and a moist feeling around the anus.

Anal warts can be small and scattered, or they can merge and reach large sizes. Anal warts can sometimes be confused with hemorrhoids and may be ignored by patients. When warts are detected in the anal area, it is important to treat these warts and determine the type of HPV virus. Infections with high-risk oncogenic viruses increase the risk of anal cancer. This risk was demonstrated by a Danish study of approximately 50,000 men and women.

If there are few and small warts on the anus, it is possible to remove the warts with laser under local anesthesia. However, for common and large warts, treatment is performed under general anesthesia. As with other genital warts, there is a risk of recurrence of anal warts. If warts reoccur, the treatment is applied again.

In order to prevent recurrence, the same precautions that apply to genital warts should also be applied to warts in the anal area. These precautions include not plucking warts or making them bleed, not epilating the hair in the anal area with a razor or wax, not smoking, and keeping the immune system strong.

At our HPV Treatment Center in Silivri, fractional laser wart treatment is performed for warts in the anal area. In addition, personal precautions are taken to increase the success rate of the treatment and prevent the recurrence of warts, and vaccinations and drug treatments are also applied.

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